Bringing ‘Joy’ to Memphis

JOY MAGAZINE MEMPHIS, a bi-monthly publication focused on the local area’s African-American community, debuted May 1.

The first 36-page issue centered around Mother’s Day, with articles and columns in honor of the holiday, including profiles of eight unique local mothers.  In addition, readers can look for regular sections such as Love and Relationships, Entertainment, Food, and an events calendar.

The magazine is a joint project between two close friends, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Anthony Milan and Henry Nelson, the co-publisher, who wanted to make a positive difference in Memphis’ African-American community.  Milan said that although 65% of the city’s population is African-American, “they’re not being reflected in the editorial and pictorial content in this city.”

“The idea is to give African-Americans the chance to see themselves as they really are,” said Nelson, “living, playing and loving in Memphis.”  He wants the magazine to emphasize the community’s interconnectedness.  They both hope the magazine will provide inspiration that “trumps gender, race and economics.”

They believed so strongly in the idea that they started the magazine with their own money, and their goal for the not-too-distant future is to get out 30,000 print copies.  Find more information at Those interested in writing for the magazine can email


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