Breaking news: New biweekly Canadian sports mag to launch

SPORTSNET, a Canadian sports magazine, will launch in the fall covering major pro leagues and top amateur games.

It will tell the stories that fuel the passions of millions of Canadians who cram into arenas and stadiums across the country, and who make sure they’re home in time to watch the big game.  The magazine will focus on the major professional leagues and the premier amateur events, with particular focus on the teams and stars that Canadians care most about.

Published by Rogers Media, the biweekly will build on the existing Sportsnet brand, joining the sports news website SPORTSNET.CA, radio stations in Calgary and Toronto, and several cable television channels throughout Canada.

It will feature home-grown content produced by a soon-to-be-assembled team of about 35 Canadian writers, editors and photojournalists, Rogers reports.  Sportsnet magazine will be published 26 times a year and will be available on newsstands and by subscription.  Rogers says it will launch with a circulation of 100,000 copies.


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