Redesigned foodie magazine reaches out to the Northwest’s growing culinary culture

NORTHWEST PALATE magazine and its website have been in the process of a makeover, hoping to attract a younger audience, increase paid subscriptions and appeal to the region’s growing, vibrant culinary culture.  In addition, increasing competition from online verticals that provide similar content pushed the magazine to reach out to the under-45 set.

The print edition recently debuted a redesign, changing its look by revamping the nameplate, adding more visuals, full-page photos and an updated typeface.  Articles and profiles cover the regional food, dining, cooking, wine, spirits, brews and people involved in the area’s cuisine and beverages.  Coverage extends throughout the Northwest, encompassing Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia.

A retooled website still is under construction, and should be unveiled in early July.  However, visitors to the current website can find articles, upcoming events, links to editorial blogs and access to back issues of the magazine.

The changes coincide with the bi-monthly’s 25th anniversary.  Publisher Cole Danehower says the changes reflect, “how our audience is viewing themselves.  The culinary culture in the Northwest has attracted a lot of national and international attention.”

Currently, the magazine has a total circulation of 10,000 copies, with paid subscriptions accounting for half of those.  Editor Peter Szymczak can be reached at View the website at


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