Back to the future: Film Threat magazine relaunches in print after 14 years

FILM THREAT will begin publishing a glossy print edition once again in September, 14 years after abandoning print to become an online-only ezine.  The magazine has been a voice for the independent film industry and a popular source of underground, independent film reviews.

Plans for the new quarterly include exclusive, more in-depth articles, information on films and filmmakers, interviews and other content not offered online.

Mark Bell, Film Threat’s owner, publisher and editor-in-chief since 2010, believes the timing is right for a print relaunch.  “Now with technology like Print-on-Demand, print is there waiting to be used,” Bell says.  “Unlike web, the market for print is not saturated.”  He wants to leave readers with a concrete image, something more tangible than the quick nature of online-only content.  Nostalgia also figured into his decision, with Bell viewing the move as a return to a golden age of indie-film print journalism.

Founded in 1985 in Detroit, Film Threat was one of the first publications to move to a strictly-digital format.  The online site currently gets upwards of 250,000 weekly page views.  Visit to find out more.


One Response

  1. During the campaign many people raised serious concerns about the logistics of launching a paper magazine in an era when periodicals are going digital.

    Anyone who questioned Mark Bell was dismissed as a “hater.” Anyone who questioned his business logic was “personally out to destroy him.”

    He failed to finance one of the campaigns and cancelled it. The second campaign was grossly underfunded. He took the money anyways.

    In September there was no relaunch. Now, four months after his self-pronounced deadline there is nothing but silence.

    Hundreds of people have been defrauded. Mark Bell makes no updates on the Indiegogo or Kickstarter pages. Despite being four months late he hasn’t explained himself or the complete disaster of this ill-conceived (possibly fraudulent) grab at his audience’s wallets.

    Mark Bell is thoroughly corrupt.

    Shame on you Mark Bell. You ruined the reputation of a respected name in indie film forever.

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