Time Out Chicago gets meatier with a magazine redesign

TIME OUT CHICAGO is unveiling a new redesign, the first in three years.  The changes are aimed at positioning the weekly as a more substantive publication with greater depth.

Design changes include the more superficial ones, like adding editors’ photos to their sections, as well as more fundamental changes, such as bigger features on a broad range of local topics.  “Having more room for extra features will help us create a good mix of stories,” says Editor-in-Chief Frank Sennett.  Look for more detailed interviews and profiles, unique subjects and meatier stories.  On the lighter side, a new travel section will cover the most memorable part of a trip, like driving a Ferarri at the Las Vegas speedway.  As always, there still will be plenty of features covering food, events and entertainment.

Over the past year, the magazine has made a point of increasing its coverage of local city and political issues, a fact the editorial staff is now emphasizing. Sennett points to Time Out’s role in covering the recent mayoral race, successfully getting every candidate to respond to the magazine’s questionnaire about cultural issues.

Sennett hopes the relaunch provides an excuse for Chicagoans to give Time Out another look.  Check out the website at www.timeoutchicago.com. The managing editor is Liz Plosser, lplosser@timeoutchicago.com.


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