A new magazine explores the ‘Impact’ of cleantech on our environment

IMPACT, a new Canadian magazine focused on the ‘cleantech’ industry, debuted the first week in April with a spring issue. The magazine “brings together the diverse elements of Canada’s cleantech industry in one innovative new publication.”

In coming issues, features will cover renewable energy, such as solar and wind, water treatment, remediation, waste management, energy efficiency, low-emission vehicles and green building. The inaugural issue profiled a Canadian company converting garbage to syngas, a component in ethanol fuel and industrial chemicals, an article on the use of tidal power and a look at the best practices of successful companies.

Published in a partnership between communications firm Gordongroup, and the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation, Impact is bilingual (French and English) and produced bi-annually. Another issue is slated for fall. The initial circulation was 40,000, with 25,000 inserted into the GLOBE AND MAIL and 10,000 inserted into LE DEVOIR.

The magazine’s editor-in-chief is Susan Hickman, and managing editor is Kathryn Young, kayoung@gordongroup.com.  Visit www.cleantechimpact.ca for additional information, or to read the magazine online.


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