Niche publisher McSweeney’s launches a delicious magazine

LUCKY PEACH magazine, the creation of famed New York chef David Chang and writer Peter Meehan, launched in late June. The title comes from the name of Chang’s successful group of restaurants in New York, Momofuku, which means ‘lucky peach’ in Japanese. Described as a food journal, the quarterly is aimed at “diehard foodies,” and those who enjoy good writing. A companion iPad app includes a “deconstructed, non-linear cooking show.”

Each issue explores a single food topic, “through a mélange of travelogue, essays, art, photography, interviews, rants and recipes.” The focus is on new recipe designs and fresh, unusual approaches to cuisine and food culture. The first issue is dedicated to all-things-ramen, with a noodle-driven Japanese travelogue, essays by well-known food writers, articles on specialty noodles, a food-themed short story, a movie review and—of course—recipes.

The iPad app debuts in July and contains two hours of content, such as interactive articles, interviews,  instructional videos, essays and recipes. It was produced in partnership with Zero Point Zero Productions, the company behind Anthony Bourdain’s cable TV show, “No Reservations.”

San Fransico-based McSweeney’s is the publisher, and developed the project with Chang and Meehan. While Lucky Peach doesn’t yet have a live website, more information is available at


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