A new Florida magazine covers young black professionals on the Ryse

RYSE, a magazine for and about young black professionals in the Central Florida region, launched on July 21.  The name is an acronym for Recognizing Young Successful Executives, and telegraphs the publication’s focus.

Developed to recognize and showcase members of the growing black professional community in the area, readers will find articles on finance, entrepreneurship, business and relationships, as well as profiles of local pros who are rising to prominence.  Ryse is aimed at the 21 to 45-year-old demographic, and publisher J. Jackson, Sr. hopes it will create a greater awareness of the organizations, activities and resources available to young black professionals.

“There is nothing out there like this for the young professional,” says Jackson, who heads The Words of Action, Inc., the publication’s owner.  “I wanted a platform to recognize successful entrepreneurs and business executives.”  The idea for Ryse sprang from a networking event Jackson attended, where a few black medical and legal professionals told Jackson they were having trouble seeking out others like themselves.

Contact the magazine at editor@rysemag.com.  Send submissions, news or story ideas to submissions@rysemag.com.  The magazine’s website is www.rysemagazine.com.


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