Constant contact: In times of change, Twitter identities remain stable

“My, people come and go so quickly here!”

While Dorothy spoke those words in The Wizard of Oz many years ago, they could just as easily apply to the current world of magazine publishing.

The established contact you have at a magazine today could be out the door tomorrow, the victim of cost cutting, staff shuffling, acquisition, or—heaven forbid—a self-inflicted wound.

Most of the time they find new positions and other staffers replace them, and so it goes in the magazine publishing circle-of-life.   Unfortunately their email addresses vaporize, vanishing into the ether, and contact information is rendered obsolete.

But, increasingly, one thing stays the same, no matter how many job changes or career moves someone makes: Their Twitter handle.

Just like a cell phone number that remains the same, no matter how many times you switch service providers or home addresses, Twitter handles have proved to be reliably stable.  An editor may work at three different publications in the same calendar year, but his or her Twitter handle stays constant.

A Twitter handle is inextricably linked to an individual.  It’s so closely connected, in fact, that Twitter has policies in place if a user claims that their brand is being impersonated (yes, each of us is now a brand!)  A Twitter handle becomes part of the user’s identity, and although it can be changed, few people ever take that step.  It is a great way to keep track of a favorite editor.

So beginning today, wherever possible, Wooden Horse will include the Twitter handles for editorial staffers.  It’s part of our continuing effort to provide our customers and readers with the information you need to be successful.


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