Can’t magazines do any better?

Where is the creativity?

Pinterest is the hottest social media right now, driving more traffic to websites than even Twitter.  So, after starting our own first board of…what else? magazine covers…we thought we’d look around for inspiration for additional boards.

First we had a ball checking out tons of funny, crazy, beautiful, far-out, sweet, disturbing boards (careful, this site is addictive.)  After losing a couple of hours, we – naturally – turned to the magazines for inspiration.

And…that’s where the fun stopped.

While we didn’t think that the big titles would break away totally from their brand images, we thought that with all the talent they have for hire, they would surprise and delight us.


SHAPE* admonishes us to use Pinterest in healthy ways: For example, display your life goals on “vision boards” and create a “gratitude board.”  Its own 29 boards, almost all healthy, seem to do nothing but nag: Healthy Breakfast Recipes, Lower-body Workouts, and Get Fit in 2012.  Most interesting/unexpected board – or at least the cutest: How Puppies Improve Your Health (let’s just hope they get their html under control soon.)

COOKING LIGHT* is clinging close to its editorial brand: Comfort Food, Super Sandwiches, Easter Recipes and Menus.  Most interesting/unexpected board: Blogs We Love (but food blogs, of course.)

PARENTING’s* boards included Stunning Nurseries and Kids Rooms, Most Fashionable Kids, and Halloween Treats and Eats.  Most interesting/unexpected board: Fun with Science was the best we could find.

Even THE NEW YORKER* didn’t dare to divert from its brand; there were carefully selected covers of course, and – what else? – the famous New Yorker cartoons.

TIME*, the newsweekly, is clearly panicking that you won’t remember its name, so it plasters it everywhere, including in all the board titles.  It gets a little repetitious.

Inexplicably, the most photogenic of all the major magazines – except perhaps LIFE – NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC*, does not even have a Pinterest board.  And neither does Life, as far as we can tell.

Desperate to find something exciting, we checked boards from non-magazine media but they also stayed pretty close to the brand: For example, The Weather Channel’s Recipes board featured winter or spring cuisine.  The Today Show had some fun memories in Anchor Antics, but in general, no media strayed too far from the company line.

Is that what we want?