Are US Magazines innovative?

The Horse has a headache.  An innovation headache.

Everything has been ‘innovative’ this week: The Hunger Games, the coming of Mad Men – even the magazine industry’s MPA Digital: Swipe Conference on tablets, e-readers and smartphones.

At the conference, Jeanniey Mullen, CMO for Zinio, according to foliomag,com, said that when executing a digital content strategy, a publisher has to decide whether to target the device or the reader and that this is part of an innovative discussion.  Come again?

Ms Mullen was also quoted on saying about bundling unique products that “one innovative example was a shoppable Macy’s catalog bundled within a magazine.”  Seriously?

The 2012 National Magazine Awards for Digital Media, or the “Digital Ellies,” were handed out in conjunction with the conference and the winners were (yawn!) TIME*, WIRED*, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC*, and “MEN’S HEALTH*.  Maybe the American Society of Magazine Editors and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, the owners of the pageant, can do something innovative with the entry requirements, so that smaller magazines and more geographically challenged publishers can compete?

But, maybe American magazine publishers have forgotten the meaning of “innovation?”  What do you think?