Friday News Round-Up for March 30th

Did you catch lottery fever this week?  Yes, we know there’s a greater chance of being struck by lightening while fleeing a grizzly bear during a volcanic eruption, but with more than half a billion dollars in the kitty, well, a girl’s gotta dream.  Sorry if you didn’t win The Big One tonight, but snap up some news while you’re here.  Magazines with an asterisk* next to the title are included in our Wooden Horse Database.

MAXIM* downsized on Thursday, laying off six staffers, incliuding senior editor Seth Porges and assistant editor Matt Caputo.  The magazine, owned by Alpha Media Group, has suffered from declining ad sales and circualtion…

SELF* bid farewell to fashion assistant editor Jessica Lee…

SELF* will welcome Sara Holzman,, as a fashion assistant on April 5…

OUTSIDE magazine hired new digital editorial director Nicholas Jackson, and @nbj914…

POPULAR SCIENCE* said goodbye to senior associate editor Ryan Bradley…

FORTUNE* snagged Ryan Bradley, and @theryanbradley, as a senior editor…



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