Is this the best tablet edition US magazine publishers can do?

FOOD NETWORK* got truly bashed by the Talking New Media blog for their unimaginative iPad edition.  After our rants about the lack of creativity and innovation from US magazine publishers ( and,) it’s encouraging to learn that we’re not all alone in our opinion.

Writes Talking New Media: “For traditional publishers, the goal is not to create a tablet magazine but to get their print magazines onto tablets.”

THAT’S IT!  Publishers are still stuck in print.  They just take a copy of the print book, throw it to a coder and order: “Put this on an iPad!”  And for this they expect to get an additional $19.99 a year – even if you’re a print subscriber.

We managed to download a copy of the magazine onto our iPad, not really believing it could be as bone-headed as the blog described it to be.  But it was.

The layout is in spreads like a print magazine with some single pages not making sense until you see the following page.  (Are the advertisers paying for this?)  Evidently you are to keep your iPad in landscape mode through the whole thing.  But then, good luck reading the text without zooming in.  And of course zooming out for the next spread.  It’s enough to give anybody motion sickness.

As the blog’s video points out, the interactivity is limited to tapping on recipes to add the ingredients to a shopping list.  And how do you find the recipe later when you’re ready to start cooking?  Remembering that it is in a certain issue of Food Network magazine on your iPad?

And the absolute kicker: Where are the cooking videos?

If there was ever a digital magazine that would have an abundance of already completed videos, or at least availability of star chefs, sets and camera crews, this would be it.

You wouldn’t know it.

And they want $19.99 for a year of this?  Would you pay it?  Let us know.


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