“The freelance writer is a man who is paid per piece or per word or perhaps.”

This quote from famed American humorist, writer and Algonquin Round Table member, Robert Benchley, proves that not much has changed for freelancers in the 80 years since he said it.

Pity the poor freelancer, coping with unpaid invoices, unanswered pitches and 1099 tax forms, trying to maintain some semblance of organization and still have time to actually write.  But an LA startup company is attempting to make things easier.

Meet Assignmint.com, a new pitch-to-payment cloud workflow system, with the optimistic tagline, ‘We’re going to fix freelancing.’

Designed to target the most frequent and pervasive issues, writers will be able to manage pitches, editorial calendars, contracts, assignments, invoices, payments and expenses.

Co-founder and former New York Press editor Jeff Koyen says editor-side tools also will be built into the site, allowing them to “filter incoming pitches, issue assignments and then handle all related fulfillment right from their dashboard.”

Plans are in the works to add a clip and algorithm service, capable of matching freelancers with potential new clients, and to offer a variety of premium and custom services.

Initially the site will only serve writers and editors, but later in 2013 will expand to freelancers and employers in other fields such as IT, financial services, academia and fashion marketing.

A private beta launch is planned for June, and anyone who is interested in taking the new system for a test drive can sign up at www.assignmint.com.


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