Wednesday News Round-Up for June 6th

With the current season of Mad Men almost over and the deluge of campaign ads on TV in many states (if you live in a swing state, you must throw out your television now), it’s time to open those summer reads and beach books.  Here at the Horse some of us are reading ‘Wild,’ by fellow Oregonian Cheryl Strayed.  So whether you use an e-reader or still favor the feel of paper, hope you find your perfect summer literary companion.  In the meantime, here are a few industry news bites.  All titles with an asterisk* are part of our Wooden Horse Database.

TECHNOLOGY REVIEW* will go ‘digital first,’ posting articles online before they are published in print.  The move is part of a new strategy the magazine will implement over the next four months.  While the print magazine still will be published for the US and international audience, the website will be “the complete repository of everything we publish,” according to publisher and Editor-in-Chief Jason Pontin…

WILSON QUARTERLY* will cease its print edition with the summer issue, and shift exclusively to a digital platform.  The public affairs magazine, published by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, has been in print for 36 years…

AVIATION & SPACE TECHNOLOGY will relaunch its print and digital editions with the July 2 issue…

TOWN & COUNTRY* snapped up new senior editor Georgina Schaeffer, and @GBKSchaeffer…

METROPOLIS magazine said goodbye to managing editor Mason Curry…

METROPOLIS tapped Jennifer Gorsche,, as interim managing editor…


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