New Print Magazine Is Launched by Bloggers

Creative Applications Network logoHOLO is the name of a technology magazine that has made the jump from screen to print.

It aims to explore the convergence of art, science and technology and will contain bite-sized stories but will also offer long-form journalism, taking readers into the studios of those behind design and technology, Greg J. Smith, a Toronto-based designer, educator and editor-in-chief said. Alexander Scholz, the magazine’s creative director also based in Toronto, said “the goal is to tell stories not possible in a blog. People reading the web don’t have the patience, that’s the natural way of consuming information on the web.”

The biannual magazine will employ freelancers and the content will have an international style. It will be distributed in major cities around the world, with an initial print run of around 3,000 that could grow with more financial support. The cover price should be $20 to $30, while subscriptions will be available.


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