Wall Street Journal is Launching Spin-off Magazine

ImageWSJ. MONEY, a new personal finance magazine, will be launching on March 9 by the publisher of the Wall Street Journal. It is a spinoff of WSJ., the newspaper’s luxury lifestyle magazine.

The new insert will focus mainly on character narratives of those who have ‘made it’ rather than on picking stocks and funds. It will include such departments as My Biggest Mistake, a celebrity interview; Empire Builder, which outlines the steps a successful person took to make it big; and Family Office, a look at the world of advisors to the rich. It will also include columns about exclusive travel destinations and lesser-known areas around the globe.

It will be distributed inside the Wall Street Journal with the newspaper’s weekend edition. Four issues will be published in 2013. Senior deputy managing editor at the Journal, Mike Miller, miller@wsj.com, is overseeing the magazine.

New Tech Magazine Was Created in 46 Hours

ImageINSTANT magazine was born at a TechRaising event, which is documented in the launch issue.

Santa Cruz, CA is becoming a spin-off of Silicon Valley. The beach town, formerly known only for surfing and a somewhat wacko attitude, is now giving home to numerous hi-tech start-ups. Instant magazine will tell its story.

The new quarterly is available at select local retail venues and can be printed on demand at www.instantsantacruz.com. Editorial Director Eric Johnson and Art Director Conrad Altmann are the founders. Additional information can be requested at info@instantsantacruz.com.