New Gaming Magazine Resonates with Nostalgic Gamers

ImageGYGAX, which launched this January, targets anyone who remembers the defunct gaming magazines DRAGON, WHITE DWARF, ADVENTURE GAMING, and PEGASUS.

Gygax will cover tabletop gaming and the tabletop gaming community. “I wanted to ensure the viability of tabletop gaming for future generations,” founder and Editor-in-Chief James Elliot said. “I wanted to look at how we play games today with all the new distractions that are available – from video games to IMAX films. What does that mean in the 21st century?” His magazine will focus on the culture of gaming – past, present and future, featuring stories and content about tabletop games and RPGs, such as 1st and 2nd editions of AD&D, Pathfinder and D&D Next.

It will be available digitally as a PDF and Apple Newsstand for the iPad. The magazine will be available at game shops soon, and it will also be for sale at some upcoming game conventions. It is published by New York-based TSR Inc and the magazine website is at Only a general inquiry email address is available, but the website features their submission guidelines.


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