ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, a New Magazine that Combines Ancient Practices and Modern Medicine

ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE is a new bimonthly magazine that encourages its readers to take an active role in their own health, employing a holistic perspective of well-being. It blends the tradition of ancient practices with modern medicine to provide readers with an everyday approach to healthy living.
Alternative Medicine cover
It targets consumers who buy natural/organic products and regularly use natural remedies and natural body care and beauty products. Editorial content includes commentary on the current political climate and how it affects the practice of alternative medicine, reviews of recent health research, overviews of common health conditions and articles on incorporating healthy habits and quick nutrition.

Alternative Medicine is distributed nationwide in health food stores and supermarkets, including Albertsons, Safeway/Vons and Whole Foods.

It’s published by Innovision Health Media in Eagan MN, and this company can be contacted through their website at

New Magazine for Female Amateur and Professional Photographers

Click mag coverCLICK is a new bimonthly magazine that caters to the social, creative, artistic and business needs of women as artists, hobbyists and professional photographers.

Don’t confuse this new magazine with the children’s magazine, the Northwest Mississippi publication or the Canadian entertainment and technology magazine, which all unfortunately share the exact same title.

This new magazine’s tagline is “The magazine for the modern photograp[her]” and its editorial departments include Adore, Tools & Trimming, Learn and Becoming. Click’s target audience is affluent and educated women who are passionate about photography. According to its Media Kit, it reaches 30,000 readers.
Cameron Bishopp Davis is the editor-in-chief. To pitch a story idea or new product, email the editorial staff through the magazine’s website, at

New Anti-Aging Magazine Capitalizes on Women’s Desire to Look Youthful

New You coverNEW YOU is a new quarterly magazine that’s devoted to beauty and anti-aging products, innovations and technologies that can help people attain the natural look of youth.

Its editorial covers celebrities, beauty, new trends, innovations, health/wellness, nutrition and fitness. According to its media kit, the average reader is female, between the ages of 35 to 54 with a household income between $125,000 and $500,000. 250,000 copies are distributed to subscribers, professionals in the spa and medical field, in gym and beauty salon waiting rooms, bookstores and newsstands, airline clubs, hotels, and plastic surgery and cosmetic events.

This magazine is published by New You Media, which is based in New York City. Rachel Zalis is the editor, Freelance writers should email queries, along with writing samples, to Associate Editor Elena Schmidt,

CAKE&WHISKEY, a New Magazine Designed for the Office, not the Kitchen


CAKE&WHISKEY is a new quarterly magazine that provides business insight by sharing stories of female entrepreneurs.

Its tagline is “The sweet and spirited world of business” and it’s targeted at women in all stages of their business journey, from recent college grads to CEOs. When I first read the title Cake&Whiskey I anticipated recipes full of sugar and booze. Maybe you did as well. So why this title for a business publication? According to its manifesto, because, “For the modern woman, successful navigation of today’s business landscape requires … finding the balance between spirited strength and life’s sweet indulgences.” Its editorial departments include Style, Creative and Money. You can read a sample issue online to get a better sense of the publication.

Megan Smith is the founder, publisher and editor-in-chief, “Ideas and submissions” should be emailed to

Photographers: MODELE WEDDINGS Wants To Publish Your Work

MODELE WEDDINGS is a new magazine that expands the discussion of fashion as it relates to the wedding world. From avant-garde to nostalgic, this magazine covers bridal style and beauty.
Modèle Weddings (pronounced moe-dell) focuses on inspiring photography, including coverage of fashion trendsetters and stunning venues. Its goal is to provide the modern bride with a luxurious and inspirational reading experience. It targets women who believe in the importance of a personal fashion style and consider fashion to be center stage at her wedding.

According to its media kit, Modèle Weddings circulates 40,000 copies annually nationwide with an emphasis on California. It can be found in more than 1,000 retail outlets across the US and in parts of Canada, including Barnes & Noble, Ralphs and Californian Albertsons supermarkets. Modèle Weddings also distributes complimentary copies to select hotels, upscale bridal and trunk shows, and high-end studios, storefronts and venues.

This magazine is published biannually, with fall/winter and spring/summer editions. In particular, this magazine is seeking images of real wedding and engagement photo shoots. Photos should be submitted to or (for website submissions). Zohe Felici is the web editor. Public relations professionals can submit information about wedding products to See Modèle Weddings’ website for specific information.

New Quilting Magazine Is Instructional and Inspirational

MODERN QUILTS UNLIMITED is a new quarterly consumer magazine written for quilters of all skill levels, and the format is instructional and inspirational.Image

It uses freelance writers for original ideas and designs for quilts, accessories, home decoration and other small projects, as well as technique articles. However, the magazine doesn’t accept freelance submissions for artist profiles, book reviews, product reviews and basic instructions – those are written by its in-house staff.

Meander Publishing Inc. publishes Modern Quilt Unlimited, and the magazine can be found in sewing, craft and quilt shops, and on newsstands. Meander also publishes MACHINE QUILTING UNLIMITED.

Modern Quilts Unlimited submission queries should be emailed to Carol Zentgraf is the managing editor,

HOMEMADE WITH LOVE Targets Crafty Readers

HOMEMADE WITH LOVE is a new bimonthly magazine that provides inspiration and instruction for its crafty readers. It encourages them to explore their creative world through color, texture and taste.homemade with love blog post

This magazine is targeted at women who enjoy the hands-on experience of making and sharing things with friends and family. It includes beautiful photography, simple instructions, mood boards, inspirational books and “Meet the Maker” interviews. Extra themed sections include vintage and upcyling. Each issue contains 30 craft ideas.

Homemade With Love is based in Orpington, Kent in the UK, and is available in Europe, USA and Canada. Jane Rae is the editor,

New Bilingual Magazine Helps Migrant Farm Workers in Canada

ATOCTLI, a new Canadian magazine in Spanish and English, will help migrant farm workers deal with the culture shock of working in Canada.
According to its website, every year in Canada, thousands of dollars in productivity are lost because farmers and migrant workers have difficulties communicating and working together due to language and cultural differences. AtocTli (which in the Nahuatl language means fertile soil) is a free magazine that provides techniques, communication strategies, intercultural information, resources and advice to both farmers and migrant workers. In the Workers Wellbeing section, the magazine also covers finances, diet, recipes and psychological advice.

This magazine is published every other month in Canada and Mexico. For more information, contact Margarita Caropresi at

EXTREME ELK Focuses on Adventure of the Hunt

EXTREME ELK is a new quarterly magazine that focuses not on the size of the elk, but on the experience of the hunter. Image

According to its website, Extreme Elk is “your source for everything elk hunting.” The bulk of the articles found in this magazine are narratives by real elk hunters, describing the adventure of their particular hunts.

Extreme Elk is the creation of world champion elk callers Dirk Durham and Corey Jacobsen. They welcome article submissions from experienced and amateur writers, which will be evaluated based on the overall package – story, photos and experience. Durham and Jacobsen can be reached at and

New Magazine Explores Mindfulness in All Aspects of Life

MINDFULImage, a new bimonthly Canadian publication, explores being mindful in all aspects of life through personal stories, advice and insights.

Mindfulness is the moment-by-moment awareness of whatever arises in people’s bodies, minds, emotions and the world around them. It can be a formal practice and a way of living. This magazine covers the incorporation of mindfulness in a wide range of topics, including business, technology, food, health and the arts. According to its media kit, Mindful Magazine’s target readership is 60% female, with a median income of $115,000 and over 87% holding a college or university degree.

In the US Mindful is sold in most bookstores; in select mass market retails such as Giant Foods, Harris Teeter and Wegmans; and in specialty stores such as Whole Foods. In Canada Mindful is sold in retailers such as Shoppers Drug Mart.

Mindful is published by the Foundation for a Mindful Society in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Barry Boyce is the editor-in-chief,