CAKE&WHISKEY, a New Magazine Designed for the Office, not the Kitchen


CAKE&WHISKEY is a new quarterly magazine that provides business insight by sharing stories of female entrepreneurs.

Its tagline is “The sweet and spirited world of business” and it’s targeted at women in all stages of their business journey, from recent college grads to CEOs. When I first read the title Cake&Whiskey I anticipated recipes full of sugar and booze. Maybe you did as well. So why this title for a business publication? According to its manifesto, because, “For the modern woman, successful navigation of today’s business landscape requires … finding the balance between spirited strength and life’s sweet indulgences.” Its editorial departments include Style, Creative and Money. You can read a sample issue online to get a better sense of the publication.

Megan Smith is the founder, publisher and editor-in-chief, “Ideas and submissions” should be emailed to


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