New Elite Magazine Addresses Global Social Issues

tempus magazineTEMPUS is a new quarterly magazine that covers art, culture and issues surrounding our society for an elite readership.

Each issue includes: Vignettes – timely and interesting cultural happenings; Style and Culture – where art, home, fashion, and all things luxurious meet; People – especially interesting and accomplished individuals; and View – celebration of the visual and written arts.

“The common theme is that everything you find in these pages will be something that resonates with those of us who share a global view in our personal and professional lives,” said Tempus Jets CEO Scott Terry.

One of the magazine’s goals is to initiate interest and foster awareness of social issues, which are not usually found in a magazine published by a jet company. For example, the first issue covers the charitable initiative Global Flight Relief, and Ben Affleck’s trip to eastern Congo to promote economic programs.

Tempus Magazine is targeted at the top 1% of the top 1%. The average net worth of its readers is $89 million. It’s distributed to private jet owners and fortune 500 CEOs, executive airports, private charter flights and private events. Tempus is published by Tempus Jets and its editorial office is located in Greenville, SC.  Jackson Bacot is the editor-in-chief,

New Magazine Helps Readers Hone Their Survival Skills

Living Ready coverLIVING READY is a new quarterly magazine that helps its readers be prepared to survive and thrive, no matter the situation.

This magazine’s goal is to prepare people for whatever the world throws at them, whether it’s a challenging economy, a season of drought that affects crops, a natural disaster, or a physical attacker. Its tagline is Prepared Skilled Aware.

Readers are interested in honing life skills such as training to be suitably armed to survive threats; putting a sound emergency preparedness plan into place; growing, canning, preserving and hunting for food; raising small farm animals; and identifying natural remedies for everyday problems.

Living Ready is based in Iola, WI. Patty Dunning is the content director,, and James Card is the print editor,

New Oversized Art Magazine Focuses on Creative Individuals

as if coverAS IF is a new quarterly publication that focuses on the realms of artistic expression 
and the visionaries behind them, featuring individuals who have made a creative mark in fashion, art, design, architecture, music, film and business.

As If is printed on high-quality paper in an oversized format of 12” x 17,” and the magazine is positioned as an object readers will want to collect.

It’s distributed by Speedimpex USA to major US cities such as New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco. The magazine can also be found in five and six star hotels and private charter jets, both domestically and internationally. Tatijana Shoan is editor-in-chief. Contact As If at

Canadian Women’s Foundation Produces New Magazine

she mag coverSHE is a new biannual magazine full of inspirational stories that illustrate the way donations to the Canadian Women’s Foundation have helped women and girls in Canada move out of poverty and violence.

It features personal success stories and practical how-to articles.

Editor Diane Hill said in a Masthead article, “We want the magazine to include clear actions people can take … We want them to support us and engage with us, but we also want to connect people to ways they can take action in their daily life.”

The Canadian Women’s Foundation is a nonprofit organization that relies on the support of volunteers and donors to produce She Magazine. The Foundation printed a limited number of magazines to send to its donors, but it’s essentially a free digital magazine. Hill can be reached at

FIRST AMERICAN ART Bridges Gap Between Academia and General Public

First American artFIRST AMERICAN ART is a new magazine that explores all aspects of indigenous American art, from the visual to the literary. Its focus is on indigenous art of the Americas from an indigenous perspective, presenting indigenous critical theory in a way that bridges the gap between academia and the general public.

The magazine’s goal is to provide a common platform for native and non-native academics, art professionals, artists, collectors, and other readers to seriously investigate and celebrate indigenous American art, from ancestral to 21st century artwork.

It publishes reviews of Native American art shows, events and public art; and profiles of established and emerging artists from a wide range of media, geographic region and tribal affiliation. According to its writer’s guidelines, in particular First American Art is seeking serious critical analyses of indigenous art by indigenous reviewers, and also articles about art venues in tribal communities, especially rural areas; and native art in the international art arena. You can read the pilot issue (issue 0) online for free.

Issue 1 will come out in August, and the magazine will be published on a quarterly basis beginning with issue 2 in early 2014. Editors are seeking queries for issue 1, especially art show reviews and book reviews, until the deadline, May 21. They also accept indigenous language submissions on a case-by-case basis. First American Art is based in Sante Fe, New Mexico. America Meredith, an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation, is the editor and publisher. Email queries to

DARE to be a Plus-Size Canadian Fashionista

Dare mag coverDARE is an online Canadian magazine that provides fashion-forward women with the latest trends, inspiring interviews and style advice.

Dare has a tentative quarterly publication schedule and its editorial covers news, trends, fashion and beauty. The magazine is targeted at fashion-forward women who have a strong passion for style and an eagerness to try new trends, who also happen to wear a size 12 and up. Although the current fashion climate requires a “plus size” label for anything other than runway svelte, in a Calgary Herald article, Editor Diana Di Poce said, “I wanted to keep it more general in the way that any woman can look at the magazine and get inspiration from it.” You can view the first edition online.

Di Poce can be reached at

New Magazine Examines One Topic Through Science, Culture and Philosophy

Nautilus-logoNAUTILUS is a new quarterly magazine to be launched in September that weaves science, culture and philosophy into a single story, according to an article in FOLIO.

However, before launching a print publication, Nautilus is building an audience online. Each month the editorial team chooses one topic and each Thursday they post new articles on that topic, exploring it from different angles and through a variety of mediums, such as essay, investigative report, blog post, game, video, and even fiction or graphic story. Its inaugural issue is “What Makes You So Special.” Once the fall magazine is distributed, the website will be updated quarterly with new content, instead of weekly.

At its core, Nautilus is still essentially a science magazine. Its website describes the publication as big-picture science. “Nautilus lets science spill over its usual borders. We are science, connected.”

The magazine has received a financial grant from the John Templeton Foundation, which encourages dialogue among scientists, philosophers and theologians, and the general public.

This magazine is published by Nautilus Ventures, based in New York City. Michael Segal is the editor-in-chief, and story ideas and pitches should be emailed to

CHERRY BOMBE – A New Magazine That Celebrates Women and Food

CHERRY BOMBE is a new biannual magazine that celebrates women and food—those who grow it, make it, serve it, study it, enjoy it and everything in between.Cherry-Bomb-Magazine

This magazine explores women’s contribution to the indie food scene, and almost all of its contributors are women, as well. It features a variety of cultures, cuisines and people, including chefs, servers, food stylists and scientists, culinary icons and up-and-coming entrepreneurs. The magazine is described on its Kickstarter page as, “sustenance and style and the things that nourish the mind, the eye and, of course, the stomach.” The first issue hits bookstores May 10.

Recently, I’ve blogged about print publications that have been born from websites with a huge following, such as ALLRECIPES, or publications that are purposefully building an audience online before launching in print, such as NAUTILUS. Cherry Bombe is an example of the exact opposite tactic. At $18 per issue, the founders are hoping to create a publication that lands on the bookshelf, not in the recycling bin. And according to their Kickstart page, the Cherry Bombe website will connect their community of readers but not duplicate any of its print content. “We’ll have plenty to offer the person who still loves the printed page and having an actual, physical thing to read and linger over.”

This magazine will be available in select bookstores, magazine shops and boutiques worldwide. Cherry Bombe is the creation of Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu, former colleagues at HARPER’S BAZAAR,

The Pee Dee Gets a Local Version of PEOPLE MAGAZINE

The List coverTHE LIST is a new monthly print magazine featuring the people, places and events of the Pee Dee region of South Carolina.

“We’re sorta describing it as being like what People Magazine would be, if everything in People Magazine was about our area,” said Editor Cathy Elliott in a local article.

The List is available online and for free at locations throughout Florence, Hartsville and Darlington, SC.

Elliott can be reached at

New Style Magazine Attempts to Make a Unique Statement

remark magazineREMARK is a new monthly consumer magazine that covers style, makeup, travel, food, shopping and a variety of other interests.

According to its website, Remark Magazine “is about making a new statement on lifestyle topics.” You can view the first issue of Remark online and judge for yourself.

Remark has a circulation of 30,000 and Kristie Stoodley is editor-in-chief,