FIRST AMERICAN ART Bridges Gap Between Academia and General Public

First American artFIRST AMERICAN ART is a new magazine that explores all aspects of indigenous American art, from the visual to the literary. Its focus is on indigenous art of the Americas from an indigenous perspective, presenting indigenous critical theory in a way that bridges the gap between academia and the general public.

The magazine’s goal is to provide a common platform for native and non-native academics, art professionals, artists, collectors, and other readers to seriously investigate and celebrate indigenous American art, from ancestral to 21st century artwork.

It publishes reviews of Native American art shows, events and public art; and profiles of established and emerging artists from a wide range of media, geographic region and tribal affiliation. According to its writer’s guidelines, in particular First American Art is seeking serious critical analyses of indigenous art by indigenous reviewers, and also articles about art venues in tribal communities, especially rural areas; and native art in the international art arena. You can read the pilot issue (issue 0) online for free.

Issue 1 will come out in August, and the magazine will be published on a quarterly basis beginning with issue 2 in early 2014. Editors are seeking queries for issue 1, especially art show reviews and book reviews, until the deadline, May 21. They also accept indigenous language submissions on a case-by-case basis. First American Art is based in Sante Fe, New Mexico. America Meredith, an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation, is the editor and publisher. Email queries to


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