New Elite Magazine Addresses Global Social Issues

tempus magazineTEMPUS is a new quarterly magazine that covers art, culture and issues surrounding our society for an elite readership.

Each issue includes: Vignettes – timely and interesting cultural happenings; Style and Culture – where art, home, fashion, and all things luxurious meet; People – especially interesting and accomplished individuals; and View – celebration of the visual and written arts.

“The common theme is that everything you find in these pages will be something that resonates with those of us who share a global view in our personal and professional lives,” said Tempus Jets CEO Scott Terry.

One of the magazine’s goals is to initiate interest and foster awareness of social issues, which are not usually found in a magazine published by a jet company. For example, the first issue covers the charitable initiative Global Flight Relief, and Ben Affleck’s trip to eastern Congo to promote economic programs.

Tempus Magazine is targeted at the top 1% of the top 1%. The average net worth of its readers is $89 million. It’s distributed to private jet owners and fortune 500 CEOs, executive airports, private charter flights and private events. Tempus is published by Tempus Jets and its editorial office is located in Greenville, SC.  Jackson Bacot is the editor-in-chief,


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