Bauer Launches Three New Magazines – CLOSER, GIRL’S WORLD and CELEBRATE WITH WOMAN’S WORLD

Bauer logoGerman-owned media giant Bauer Publishing is launching three new magazines in the second half of 2013: CLOSER, GIRL’S WORLD and CELEBRATE WITH WOMAN’S WORLD. All three will rely on newsstand sales.

Closer is a new weekly magazine described as a hybrid of a celebrity weekly and women’s lifestyle magazine.

Bauer already published a magazine called CLOSER in Europe. Even though the US Closer will focus on celebrities, it will have a mix of other women-focused articles, unlike its European counterpart, which exclusively covers celebrities.

Closer will be targeted to an “underserved” segment of the population, Generation X, and will focus on their favorite stars, who publisher Marc Richards says are overlooked by other celebrity magazines. Rather than taking the rip-them-to-shreds approach, these unnamed Gen X stars will be portrayed in a positive light. The editorial will also provide authoritative advice on fashion, beauty, health, fitness, diet, recipes and decorating, all tailored to Generation X.

Closer will be launched in November with a marketing gimmick designed to grab readers: 2 million copies of the debut issue will be sold for 25 cents. After that the price will jump to $3.99. Annabel Vered is editor-in-chief.

Celebrate with Woman’s World is a new magazine that celebrates the holidays, seasons and special times of year. It’s an extension of WOMAN’S WORLD.

Woman’s World focuses on the needs and interests of today’s woman, both on a personal and on a family level. Editorial covers mind, body and spirit, as well as food, affordable fashion, craft ideas and home decorating.

Celebrate with Woman’s World will be published six times a year. Stephanie Sable is editor-in-chief of both Woman’s World publications.

Girl’s World is an introductory celebrity lifestyle magazine for girls 7 to 11. It will be published seven times a year and Marisa Sandora is editor-in-chief.

No email addresses are available at this time for these editors, and none of these magazines have an online presence yet.


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  1. Way to go Bauer . The printed word, photos and ideas are not dead but very much alive.

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