New magazine is tool for humans to better understand their pets

Natural Pet World magazine coverNATURAL PET WORLD is a different kind of animal magazine. It wants to encourage a deeper understanding and connection between humans and their pets.

The publisher, Green Steps Media in Inglewood, CA, states there is a need for a change in the way the pet world is perceived, misunderstood, abused and exploited. Natural Pet World is the first magazine, the publisher states, that “focuses on the special connection between humans and animals, going beyond the surface to really understand the deeper meaning of this connection. [The magazine] will look at the human world from an animal perspective to make us reflect and learn how to become better human beings. Part work of art, part educational, part inspirational, Natural Pet World aims at transforming the way we relate to our pets and the world.”

The bimonthly title will have a distribution of 50,000 copies that will be mailed directly to affluent families and also be available on selected newsstands. Barbara Manconi is the editor-in-chief and stories should be submitted to Alyson Stamos, Managing Editor,


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