Political website spins off print magazine to publish long-form journalism

Politico magazine coverPOLITICO, the print magazine, launched this week to provide hard-hitting reporting and original ideas about the stories that matter most in Washington and beyond.

The editorial aims to fill a dangerous vacuum in the rapidly transitioning world of journalism, with too few really big takes on big subjects holding leaders in Washington and beyond accountable, as news organizations retrench, cut back or find themselves distracted by the all-too-real imperatives of just staying in business.

Editor-in-chief Jim Harris hopes that the title will add magazine-style journalism to Politico, as well as augmenting “vitality impact to Politico’s daily report by marshaling the best outside contributors to produce analysis, argument and first-person perspectives on the news of the day.”

It is published by Allbritton Communications Co., the owner of several broadcast television stations, as well as Politico, the political journalism organization. Susan Glasser, sglasser@politico.com, is the editor. The website is at politico.com/magazine and the magazine is available on Twitter as @POLITICOMag


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