Newsweek is returning to print

ImageNEWSWEEK will be back on the newsstand on Friday, March 11, in smaller numbers than in its heyday (70,000 copies vs 3 million.) Editor-in-Chief Jim Lompoco calls it a boutique magazine and at US$7.99 a copy it is definitely a luxury product. Two separate editions will be produced: One for the US and one for Europe.

The editorial will not just be a rehash of the week’s news. “It is good writers doing good reporting with good photographers,” the European editor, Richard Addis, told

The title is now owned by IBT Media, a network of digital properties founded by two 30-somethings, Johnathan Davis and Etienne Uzac. They acquired it from media mogul Barry Diller, who spent millions but finally gave up on the print edition and combined it with the Daily Beast, the news website. Mr. Davies and Mr. Uzac just tripled the title’s web traffic, so who knows, maybe they can bring the print weekly back to life after all.


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