Website is planning to sniff out local stories for international distribution

“I’m convinced there’s a Rob Ford-type story in every city around the world,” A.J. Daulerio said about Ratter, the gossip website he is planning to launch sometime this summer.

The story of misbehaving Toronto mayor Rob Ford received only local attention until it hit the Internet and went viral. Daulerio, a former editor of Gawker and Defamer, hopes there are many more such stories for his new site. “My hope is that the editors in Ratter cities will be tenacious distractions to their respective power-elites and consistently entertaining to everyone else,” he said.

He is targeting the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York to start with. The investors include, among others, Gawker Media, which is contributing $500,000, and media investor Mark Cuban. Daulerio, @AJDaulerio, created his own company, RG Free, for the purpose of launching the site.


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  1. Thanks for going international.

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