Thriving Latino-themed magazines are are a bright spot

Think all magazines are struggling?

It may depend on their target audience.  In figures released this week, Publishers Information Bureau reported impressive, double digit gains in revenue and ad pages for magazines targeting Latino readers.  Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic in the US, comprising 16% of the population, and advertisers have taken notice in a big way.

Meredith’s SIEMPRE MUJER, with a rate base of 550,000, saw advertising revenue jump by 51% in 2011 over 2010, and a 32% hike in ad pages.  Parenting pub SER PADRES, another Meredith property, has a rate base of 800,000 and upped ad revenue by 17%, with 13% growth in ad pages.  LATINA*, an English-language women’s magazine from Latina Media Ventures, experienced a similar rise, taking in 15% more in ad revenue and selling 13% more ad pages.  Time Inc’s PEOPLE EN ESPANOL racked up an added 37% in ad dollars in 2011, and boasted an increase of 32% in ad pages.

Is it any wonder that COSMOPOLITAN* last month announced plans for COSMOPLITAN LATINA, a new bicultural English-language glossy?  An eagerly awaited test issue is scheduled for release in May 2012.

So for freelancer writers and PR pros trying to find new prospects in a shifting market, you don’t have to look far.  Opportunity is here, and it looks like it’s moving to a Latin beat.

TIME revives a luxury brand extension

TIME STYLE & DESIGN, a semiannual print supplement to TIME magazine, will relaunch in March of 2012, after being shuttered in 2009.

Targeting an affluent, influential audience, the publication will cover international travel, cooking, art, architecture, design and decorating.  This represents a broader focus than the previous edition, which relied more heavily on fashion-oriented content.

Readers will get their first look with the March 26 issue of Time.  An initial circulation of 500,000 is planned, and will be sent to households with a minimum income of $125,000.  Kate Betts,, is the editor-in-chief.

A new Cosmo edition will premiere for Latina readers

COSMOPOLITAN LATINA, a new glossy for bicultural, bilingual women in the US, will launch with a test issue in May of 2012.

Printed in English, the Latino-focused content will cover beauty, entertaining, family topics and more.  The magazine provides a new way for advertisers to reach Hispanic women.  The Cosmo website will add a separate tab for Latino-focused content as well, with articles written by Latina bloggers, and material from the new print edition.

An initial circulation of 545,000 copies will be distributed in states with the most sizable Latino populations.  Scheduled as a biannual, a second test issue is due in the fall.  Currently, one in four Latina women between the ages of 18 and 34 read COSMOPOLITAN*.  Editor Michelle Herrera Mulligan,, will lead the magazine.

A Chicago shopping deals website spins off a regional print magazine

MY DEALS MAGAZINE, a new print publication targeting shoppers in the greater Chicago area, will launch in mid-October.  Six separate editions will cover the six Chicagoland regions.

Each issue contains more than 50 shopping deals and articles on topics like health, fitness, education and saving money.  The fall issue offers features like “Slim Your Waistline and Your Bills” and “Saving Green While Going Green,” as well as highlighting local merchants and vendors.

The magazine is published by Des Plaines, Illinois-based company Where You Shop, a company that offers online deals to customers via the web.  For more information or to view the magazine, visit

Does Family Circle Want to Be Good Housekeeping?

FAMILY CIRCLE has unveiled a “GOOD HOUSEKEEPING seal”-like award for use by advertisers.  Unlike the GH logo, there is no product testing or guarantee; but “our Circle of Excellence awards go to food, beauty, and household products that wowed us editors and you – we sent samples to readers throughout the country to test.  Only items that earned across-the-board raves made the final cut.”

The new program is really aimed at boosting ad pages.  The magazine is allowing marketers to buy the rights to use the seal in their own promotional efforts or buy incremental print ads if they want to use the seal in those placements.

The food products named on the magazine’s website as having earned the “Circle of Excellence” are: Skinny Cow Low-Fat Ice Cream Sandwiches, Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crusts, Arnold Select Sandwich Thins, Al Fresco All-Natural Chicken Sausage, and Mazola Pure Cooking Spray.

The Horse would like to know where he can vote for his carrots and apples.