ForbesLife gets its own living quarters on the Internet

ForbesLife logoForbesLife, the service magazine for the luxury market, is a lifestyle magazine for affluent Forbes readers. However, it has never had its own home on the Internet but has lodged as a poor relative on the Forbes main website at

But on Sep 2, the magazine will have its own home,, and will publish daily features on men’s and women’s fashion, watches and jewelry, automobiles and boats, real estate and luxury homes, fine dining and drinks, arts and culture, as well as life’s other indulgences. “What makes so exciting is that it will allow us to broaden our coverage of women’s fashion, jewelry, watches and beauty,” said Editor Michael Solomon,, @Mister_Solomon.

Also on Sep 2, a native app and a redesigned print magazine will be launched. ForbesLife is included in our media directory, the Wooden Horse Media Database.

The Atlantic Cities relaunches as CityLab

CityLab logoAtlantic Media owns not just The Atlantic magazine but also its website, the website for social news for the next generation called The Wire, the business news website Quartz, the magazines National Journal and Government Executive – and now CityLab, the website about cities.

CityLab “is dedicated to the people who are creating the cities of the future – and those who want to live there. Through analysis, original reporting, and visual storytelling, [CityLab] coverage focuses on the biggest ideas and most pressing issues facing the world’s metro areas and neighborhoods.”

Formerly called The Atlantic Cities, the site relaunched in May 2014 with an expanded editorial mission. It has added three new verticals – crime, weather and maps – as well as a section called Navigator that will offer more lifestyle content.

The editor is Sommer Mathis,, @sommermathis. The office is located in Washington, DC, and pitches should go to

New website wants to be everything for seniors

Complete Senior "cover"Complete Senior is a new digital magazine for people 50+.

It strives to be everything for seniors from publishing vital information that impacts your health, your money, your family – including the latest news from Social Security and Medicare – but also articles about your favorite celebrities, unexpected travel destinations, food, drink, beauty, fashion, sports and, of course, the very best in entertainment.

Richard Pérez-Feria, @RPerezFeria, is editor-in-chief.

New news website targets the “Change Generation”

Link to OzyOzy went live last September, amassed 4 million unique visitors and celebrates its six month anniversary with new funding from the German media conglomerate Axel Springer.

The website’s mission is to provide high-quality articles for what it calls the “Change Generation,” an educated, global group, which – unlike Generations X or Y – is not defined by age. To co-founder Carlos Watson it is a class of informed, worldly people who thrive on change.

The site aims to publish news before it has hit the mainstream media. “Ozy is the place where you get a little smarter, a little sooner…Ozy will try to inform people about businesses as they bubble up, emerging bands and rising political stars,” Watson said.

The name derives from Ozymandias, the 1818 poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley about the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II. The poem is a warning against delusions of grandeur. “It’s all about thinking big but staying humble.”

Website is planning to sniff out local stories for international distribution

“I’m convinced there’s a Rob Ford-type story in every city around the world,” A.J. Daulerio said about Ratter, the gossip website he is planning to launch sometime this summer.

The story of misbehaving Toronto mayor Rob Ford received only local attention until it hit the Internet and went viral. Daulerio, a former editor of Gawker and Defamer, hopes there are many more such stories for his new site. “My hope is that the editors in Ratter cities will be tenacious distractions to their respective power-elites and consistently entertaining to everyone else,” he said.

He is targeting the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York to start with. The investors include, among others, Gawker Media, which is contributing $500,000, and media investor Mark Cuban. Daulerio, @AJDaulerio, created his own company, RG Free, for the purpose of launching the site. goes Country in new website section

People magazine's Country channel logoPeople magazine’s website,, has a new vertical that is a “one-stop-shopping for [Country music’s] super fans.”

The section’s editors claim that Country music is no longer just a genre but a lifestyle and part of our larger pop culture universe. They aim to celebrate the best of the music, living and fun and plans are for exclusive content, video, first listens, and more from the biggest names.

There is also a digital magazine edition on tablets. The editor is Cynthia Sanz,, and on Facebook click on

Huffington Post adds yet another section – this time for food

Huffington Post Food for Thought logoFood for Thought is a new section of Huffington Post in partnership with Chipotle, the restaurant chain that is marketing itself as emphasizing organic, locally-produced ingredients and meat from “naturally raised” animals. According to Arianna Huffington, the vertical will be “examining our attitudes toward food, asking where our food comes from and how it’s produced.” To be featured, please email